Friday, December 28, 2007

Teotihuacan Rejuvenated - AW II

This was my first major achievement in the field and will always remain the most special project for me :) Due to this project, I got to meet so many people around the globe some of whom are good friends now, and I became a part of the 3D Allusions community which has become my online home now! Also, this is a topic very special to me and working on this project was the most enjoyable experience for me.

Here is the link to the Work in Progress Thread. Here is the link to the Final Image Gallery where you can see all other submissions for the contests. Below is the article I wrote for the results page which explains the design concept in brief:

Mesoamerican culture surrounded with mystique and beauty has always mesmerized me. The origin and demise of this ancient legacy are still debated upon. The roots of the concept were to give this heritage structure a shape and identity of my own. I wanted to interpret the design with a new and futuristic approach, yet preserving its classic aura and grandeur. The name, Teotihuacan implies place of those who have the roads of the Gods. This gave me the clue for selecting colors, textures and treatment of the site. The whole ambience had to be powerful yet subtle, modern, yet traditional.

The proportions are dictated by a modular triangle in golden proportion. My focus of design was the main pyramid: The Sun Temple and two other temples dedicated to The Jaguar and Eagle warriors, inspiring the shape of a claw. As one approaches the space, the architecture leads the focus from the colonnades to the central temple, to the topmost part, the main altar. On top of main altar is the Sun, a reflection of Heaven on Earth itself. Suspended between this Heaven and the Earth is the most sacred section of the temple, the ceremonial altar. The color scheme, materials and surrounding water body create a serene atmosphere in a place meant to be the Birthplace of Gods.


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